The 21st Beirut Exchange Conference (In Person)

The 21st Beirut Exchange Conference will take place in person over seven days, June 5-12. We will open The Exchange at the Conference venue in Hamra, Beirut on Sunday, June 5 at 7pm. Thereafter, each morning from Monday, June 6 until Saturday, June 11, we will hold sessions at the conference venue as well as in the Greater Beirut area from 9:30am until 7:00pm. We will close The Exchange on Sunday, June 12 by 1pm.

During the 30+ sessions, participants will have the opportunity to engage leading activists, politicians and academics representing a wide spectrum of views on Lebanon.

The Beirut Exchange is an immersive research conference that offers participants a unique exposure to leading scholars, politicians and activists representing a range of different points of view on Lebanon.

Our upcoming Beirut Exchange is aimed at NGO practitioners, foreign diplomats, researchers, journalists and professionals in general who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Lebanon.

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