Middle East Studies (MES) Certificate DRAFT


The MES Certificate introduces undergraduate and graduate students to a multi-disciplinary course of study that provides them with a well-grounded study of the history, civilizations, religions, politics, geographies, and economic factors that shape the cultural landscape of this dynamic and often volatile region.

MES Certificate provides an in-depth training in a special area that may be particularly useful as students pursue careers in such fields as Academia, Law, Public History, Education, Business, and even Medicine, where they will practice their profession abroad or use their international experience to expand their understanding of this region.

How to get in


Students interested in declaring the undergraduate certificate should contact Lindsey Bliefernicht, the IRIS Assistant Director for Students and Curriculum, at lindsey.bliefernicht@wisc.edu.

For program information, you may contact the Middle East Studies Program director, Nevine El Nossery, at elnossery@wisc.edu.