Outside UW Madison

2022 Events

2/2/22                Making the Gulf: Regulating Movements and Politics

1/28/22              The Madman of Freedom Square: Hassan Blasim and Jonathan Wright in Conversation With Amir Ahmadi Arian and Azareen Van der Vliet Oloomi

1-18-22               Roundtable: Domestic Priorities, Global impacts: Turkish Television Explained

2021 Events

12/3/21              Political Violence and the Literary Subject: Salwa Ismail, Solmaz Sharif and Roger Reeves in Conversation

11/19/21             Poetics of Evidence: Ammiel Alcalay in conversation with Hana Morgenstern

11/21/21            Webinar: Violence Against Women in Cyber Space in the MENA Region

3/19/21              Middle East Dialogue Conference, Policy Studies Organization

2020 Events

11/19/20            Election’s Influence on Foreign Policy

11/11/20            Arab American Book Awards: A Ceremony of Live Readings

11/13/20            Fear of a Pandemic: Mapping Epidemics in North Africa

2019 Events

10/31/19            Media and Democracy in the Arab World: The Future of Freedoms and Rights in the Digital Era

4/23/19              3rd Annual McGaffey Lecture: Elizabeth F. Thompson – “Europe’s Destruction of Arab Democracy in 1920: A Century of Consequences”

4/12/19              MESA Webinar: Academic Freedom in Middle East Studies

3/24/19              Faith Communities Addressing White Supremacy

2018 Events

12/8/18              Building Global Communities: A Conversation around Immigration

10/19/18            Fourth Annual Conference of the Iranian Studies Initiative

11/15/18            2018 Middle East Studies Association (MESA) Annual Meeting

9/20/18              Conference on Innovative Approaches in Islamic Sciences and Education

9/21/18              2nd PCS Conference–MENA (Jordan)

7/16/18              5th World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies

7/15/18              56th International Congress of Americanists

7/11/18              Pluralisms in Emergenc(i)es: Movement, Space, and Religious Difference

6/28/18             2nd Doctoral Conference in Religious Studies

6/25/18             2018 Annual BRISMES Conference

6/20/18             4th China and The Middle East Conference

5/5/18               Fourth International Conference on Shi’i Studies

5/4/18                33rd Annual Middle East History & Theory Conference

4/28/18              José Carlos Teixeira: On Exile; Screening and Conversation

3/31/18              27th Annual Arab-U.S. Policymakers Conference

3/22/18              18th Annual Southwest Graduate Conference in Middle Eastern and North African Studies

2/13/18              Symposium: “Early Hafsid Tunis – Capital of the Caliphate”