Race and Racism Lecture Series


The aim of this series is to engage, in meaningful ways, with the various forms of racism and discrimination within the MENA region and its diaspora, by also examining the challenging debates on race in order to better understand and dismantle issues of power, collective biases and structural racism. 

2/3/23 Chouki El Hamel (Arizona State University): Race and Islam in Historical Perspective 

9/30/22 Nazita Lajevardi (Michigan State University): Perceived Discrimination and the Integration Paradox in Stigmatized Neighborhoods

12/6/2021  Katrina Daly Thompson (UW-Madison): Queer-Jewish-Muslim: Constructing Hyphenated Religious Identities through Tactics of Intersubjectivity (video recording)

9/13/2021  Professor Amer Zahr (University of Detroit): Arab Americans: We’re Not White (video recording)

3/9/2020  Miral Al-Tahawy: Desert Melodies: Bedouin Women’s Oral Ghazal Poetry