Prof. Tripp Presents in Morocco Conference

Professor Aili Tripp, who is affiliated with MESP, attended a Conference on “Women and Politics in an Age of Uncertainty: The Road to Sustainable Democracy and Democratization” in Morocco on October 24-26, 2017.  This was a press release of her talk:

My talk was entitled ‘Global Women’s Rights in an Era of Democratic Uncertainty: Challenges and Opportunities’. Populism, nationalism, nativism, anti-immigrant sentiments, and extremism are threatening institutions and civic values, not only in non-democratic countries, new democracies and fragile semi-democracies, but now also in old democracies.

The expansion of democracy has historically been linked to the expansion women’s rights and citizenship. Yet today we find ourselves in a global crisis of democracy from the US to Poland, South Africa, India and many other locations, raising questions about the future of women’s rights. In some countries, the crisis has the potential to derail the fragile successes that have been made in enhancing women’s political representation globally.