Conferences & Symposia

Conferences and Symposia, 2018-present

4/28/23  Minority and Ethnic Politics in and from the Middle East

3/25 to 3/26 2022  Who is Afraid of Democracy? New Wave of Transformations in the Middle East and North Africa’

Keynote address: Asef Bayat (University of Ilinois, Urbana-Champaign): “Springtime of Counter-revolution”
Please contact us for a video recording of this talk

Videos of the conference:  March 25  and March 26

10/4/2021   Stories on Afghan Women, Art, and Everything in Between

3/6 to 3/7 2020    Refugees in/from the Middle East

4/6 to 4/7 2019   Intersections of Interfaith

11/20/2019   World Appreciation Day: An International Education Week Celebration for Middle Schoolers