Outreach Scholars

Invite an Outreach Scholar to your (digital!) classroom


Our Middle East Student Ambassador, Saja Abu Hakmeh was at the Kennedy Elementary School’s International Night Celebration on November 5, 2018.

Are you a K-12 educator looking for speakers to give a presentation to your classroom? The Middle East Studies Program has speakers available by request.

Our outreach scholars can present on a variety of topics related to the Middle East, as well as Middle Eastern languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Turkish). We are happy to offer our expertise via the Outreach Scholars Program, virtually or in person (when pandemic restrictions are lifted). We’re happy to work with you on the timing, format, and content of the visit.

To request an outreach scholar to your school or community event, please contact us at middleeaststudies@wisc.edu.

You may also contact us with questions you have about teaching topics related to the Middle East, and would like to invite you to explore our recently developed Educational Resources page.

If you are a student or faculty at UW-Madison and would like to become an outreach scholar, please contact us.