MESP Cosponsored Events


5/13/24  Children’s African Story Hour: “The Arabic Quilt” (cosponsored with the African Studies Program)

5/1/24  Selçuk Esenbel  (Boğaziçi University, İstanbul, Turkey): ‘Twilight Diplomacy‘ and the Japanese Mirror of the Ottoman Turkish World: Yamada Torajirō’s Illustrated Observations of Turkey

4/11/2024  Empire of Refugees: Muslim Migration from Russia to the Middle East (cosponsored with the Kemal H. Karpat Center for Turkish Studies)


12/18/2023  Children’s African Story Hour: “The Arabic Quilt” (cosponsored with the African Studies Program)

12/7/23 Rethinking Commemoration: Legacies of 1923 Exchange in the Civilizationist Present (cosponsored with the Kemal H. Karpat Center for Turkish Studies)

12/4/2023 Dreams and Displacement in Afghanistan (cosponsored with IRIS NRC)

12/2/2023 International Children’s Literature Celebration: Folk and Fairytales (with WIRC)

11/29/2023  A Panel Discussion: Conflict in Israel-Palestine (cosponsored with the Political Science Department). Click here for an audio recording.

11/27/2023  Children’s African Story Hour: “The Arabic Quilt” (cosponsored with the African Studies Program)

7/24/23  The Good Life: Global Perspectives on Wellbeing and Happiness (online workshop with WIRC)

4/25/2023  CALS Global Day (with the College of Agricultural & Life Sciences)

4/16/2023   Film: “World War III” (with the Wisconsin Film Festival)

4/14/2023   Film: “Cairo Conspiracy” (with the Wisconsin Film Festival)

4/14/2023   Film: “World War III” (with the Wisconsin Film Festival)

4/14/2023    World Cinema Day 2023: “Rickshaw Girl” (with the Wisconsin Film Festival and  WIRC)

4/1/23  Overture Center for the Arts International Festival (with WIRC)

3/30/23  Professor Reşat Kasaba (University of Washington): From Gecekondu to A Strangeness: One-Hundred Years of Rural-Urban Relations in Turkey (with the Kemal H. Karpat Center for Turkish Studies, Department of History)

3/1/23  Languages of the World Day (with WIRC)


11/14/22  Peter Alegi (Michigan State University): From South Africa 2010 to Qatar 2022: The lessons and legacies of sporting mega-events (with IRIS NRC)

11/9/22  International Film Club: The Workers Cup with Natasha Iskander  (with IRIS NRC)

10/24/22  Film: Distant (Uzak) (with UW Cinematheque)

4/26/2022  Kenneth Moss (Univ. of Chicago): Palestine as Possibility: Polish Jews and the Yishuv as Fact in the 1930s (with the Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies)

4/22/2022  Professor Lisa Mahoney (DePaul University): Frankish Church Façades and the Art of Diplomacy (with the UW Department of Medieval Studies)

4/21/2022  Professor Lisa Mahoney (DePaul University): The Lost Royal Tombs of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem (with the UW Department of Medieval Studies)

4/9/22  Film: Amira (with the Wisconsin Film Festival)

4/9/22  Film: At Tale of Love and Desire (with the Wisconsin Film Festival)

4/9/22  Film: Commitment Hasan (with the Wisconsin Film Festival)

4/9/2022  Global Learning Summit 2022 for K-12 teachers  (with WIRC)

3/12-13/22  Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies annual conference (with IRIS NRC)

2/23/2022  Nevine El Nossery (UW Madison): When Comics Dismantle Taboos in Morocco (with the UW Department of French & Italian)

1/15/22  Spring 2022 Workshop: Empowering Educators to Teach on Genocide (with IRIS NRC)


11/18/2021  Social Justice: Writing For, Writing Back (with IRIS NRC)

11/17/2021  How to Highlight International Experiences on a Resume (with IRIS NRC)

10/22/2021  Tristan Vigliano (University Aix-Marselle): How to Study Humanism and the Representations of Islam? A Dispatch from the Fronts of Today’s French ‘Culture Wars’ (with the French House)

7/24/2021  APTLI Lecture: Reading Middle Eastern and North African Voices in Translation- What Literature can teach us in a Global Pandemic with Esra Taşdelen (with APTLI)

7/23/2021  APTLI Lecture: Kurds and Yezidis in the Middle East with Tyler Fisher (with APTLI)

7/17/2021  APTLI Lecture: Baha’ AbuShanab, Palestinian Filmmaker  (with APTLI)

7/16/2021  APTLI Friday Feature: Persian Dance with Niosha Nafei Jameli (with APTLI)

7/10/2021  APTLI Lecture: Problems of Authoritarianism and Underdevelopment in Muslim-Majority Countries with Dr. Ahmet Kuru (with APTLI)

7/10/2021  APTLI Lecture: “How is it like to be an LGBTI+ in Turkey?” with Emirhan Deniz Çelebi (with APTLI)

7/9/2021   APTLI Friday Feature: Arab Music, a Glimpse into the Soul of a Culture with Musician Karim Nagi (Lecture & Musical Performance) (with APTLI)

7/3/2021    APTLI Lecture: Gamze Canli, How Military Coups Shape Politics & Education in Turkey: 1960 to 1998  (with APTLI)

7/2/2021   APTLI Friday Feature: Istanbul, Bosphorus, and Art with Nurettin Erkan (with APTLI)

7/1/2021    APTLI Special Feature: Arabic Yoga(with APTLI)

6/27/2021   APTLI Lecture: Traditional Miniature Art and Modern Interpretation with Murat Palta (with APTLI)

6/25/2021  APTLI Friday Feature: Persian Poetry Workshop with Ramin Ghamkhar (with APTLI)

4/8/2021  Paul Cobb: “Saladin’s Jerusalem” (with Medieval Studies Program/UW-Madison)

3/17/2021  International Studies Careers: International Education (with IRIS NRC )

3/7/2021   ¡ACTIVISTA! An International Women’s Day Celebration Framing Solidarity Through Culture (with Forward Global Women & others)

2/24/2021   Teaching About the Middle East and North Africa – Rethinking Approaches (with IRIS NRC)

2/17/2021   International Studies Careers: Global Security (with IRIS NRC)

2/2/2021   Using Persepolis to Teach about the Middle East (with IRIS NRC)


10/19/2020   IRIS INTERNATIONAL BOOK GROUP: The 2011 Arab Spring, w/Nevine El Nossery (with IRIS NRC)

9/11/2020  MADISON WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL (with Wisconsin Union Theater)

2/26/2020  Dr. Charles Cohen Lecture:  “The Abrahamic Traditions: A Story of Braided Histories” (with the Center for Humanities at UW-Madison)


11/18/2019   An Evening With Mariela Shaker: Music for Peace, Advocacy, & Social Change (with the Wisconsin Union Directorate)

11/4/2019  An Evening With Daniel Shapiro: Former US Ambassador to Israel (with UW Hillel)

10/6/2019  Asifa Quraishi-Landes: “Sharia and the American Muslim Voter” (with Muslim Women of Madison)

4/22/2019  71 Years Without a Country – Nakba Tour 2019 (with Madison-Rafah Sister City Project)

4/12/2019  MESA Webinar: Academic Freedom in Middle East Studies (with Middle East Studies Association)

3/13/2019  Africa at Noon: Maria Vendetti – “Torture Testimonials of the Algerian War of Independence: Framing the Unseeable” (with African Studies Program at UW-Madison)

3/13/2019  Pontecorvo at 100: Reflections on the Battle of Algiers in Maghrebi Studies (with African Studies Program at UW-Madison)

2/22/2019  Humanities Friday Lunches: Jennifer Pruitt – “Construction, Destruction, and Concealment under Cairo’s ‘Mad Caliph’”(with the Center for Humanities at UW-Madison)


11/29/2018  How Does it Feel to be a Problem? Being Young and Arab in America (with the Chadbourne Residential College)

10/7/2018  Demystifying Muslims and Islam (with Muslim Women United for Peace & others)

9/15/2018  Madison World Music Festival (with Wisconsin Union Theater)

4/12/2018   Soffa Keynote Lecture by Najma Ahmed Abdi (with the Women’s & Gender Studies Consortium)

4/11/2018   Africa at Noon: “Portrait of Rural Egyptian Women: Peaceful Voices from Siwa Oasis, Upper Egypt and Nubia” (with African Studies Program at UW-Madison)

2/9/2018   Cultures in Conflict: Navigating Cultural Difference in International Human Rights Reporting (with IRIS NRC)