Middle East Student Ambassador Represents Palestine in Kennedy School’s International Night

Our Middle East Student Ambassador, Saja Abu Hakmeh was at the Kennedy Elementary School’s International Night Celebration on November 5, 2018.

https://mideast.wisc.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/192/2018/11/ME-Student-Ambassador-1.jpgDuring the event, 56 grade school students each received a Kennedy Passport and questionnaire to circulate through the 22 country tables and interview the country “ambassadors,” one of whom was Saja who represented Palestine.

“I quite enjoyed experiencing the other countries and cultures in addition to displaying Palestine for the kids!” said Saja, who is taking a Midle East Studies Certificate.

The night was also capped by five performances: Indonesian Gemufamire dance, Burmese Royal Pageboy Marionette, Hmong Qeej flute players, Kalanjali Classical Indian Dance, and West African music and dance with Wongai Africa.

Aside from Palestine, other countries and groups represented by their respective “ambassadors” include Burma, China, El Salvador, Gambia, Germany, Greece, Hmong Heritage, India, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Laos, Lithuania, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Tibet, and Vietnam.

To know more about our outreach initiative of recruiting Middle East Student Ambassadors, click here.


ME Student Ambassador 3

(Photos and reporting courtesy of Saja Abu Hakmeh and the UW Department of Asian Languages and Cultures through Rachel Weiss.)