Online Creative Writing Classes in Arabic by Alaa Al Aswany

International bestselling novelist Alaa Al Aswany, currently a visiting professor at Dartmouth College, is offering online creative writing classes in Arabic beginning in April. Interested students may register by visiting

The following are the classes (creative writing workshops held in New York are in English):

Fiction Reading

5 weeks • 15 class hours

Mondays, April 1–29, 2019, 11 am–2 pm EST &

Mondays, May 6–June 17, 2019, 11 am–2 pm EST

This online workshop teaches the tools to appreciate Arabic literary works and learn from great writers. Students will understand the techniques of interpreting fiction, recognizing underlying themes, and analyzing the human content of each story.

Fiction and Short Story Writing

10 weeks • 30 class hours

Tuesdays, April 2–June 26, 2019, 11 am–2 pm EST

This online course teaches the essential short story elements: sketching a story, creating a compelling opening, organizing the structure, weaving in tension and plot twists, implementing flashback and viewpoint, and mastering the art of dialogue. Students learn techniques for crafting stories, conceiving colorful characters, and developing ways of bringing imagination and intrigue into a literary work.

Advanced Fiction Writing

10 weeks • 30 class hours

Wednesday, April 3–June 19, 2019, 11 am–2 pm EST

In this online workshop, students gain a higher level of training in the craft of writing by mastering rhythm, tempo, tone, and brevity. They explore the process of originating lively characters, mapping out a plot, describing realistic settings, adding subtext and layers of meaning, and penning captivating fiction.

Intensive Creative Writing Weekend

Thursday (10 am–2 pm EST), Friday (10 am–2 pm EST), Saturday (10 am–3 pm EST)

17 class hours

April 11–13, 2019

April 25–27, 2019

May 9–11, 2019

June 20–22, 2019

The online creative writing weekend is designed for writers who want to learn the craft of exceptional storytelling in an intensive setting. In a three-day online workshop, students learn to master the qualities that make for engaging fiction and the techniques used by writers in crafting stories and imagining characters. Lessons are reinforced through in-class writing exercises.