10 Students Graduate in 2019 with MES Certificates

Ten students are graduating in 2019 with Middle East Studies (MES) certificates.  They include:

  • Anna Ambrosi (majors in Legal Studies and Political Science);
  • Mica Beckmann-White (International Studies and Spanish);
  • Justin Brewer (History);
  • Thomas Augusta Hersman (History);
  • Sean Jackett (International Studies, Accelerated Masters in International Public Affairs)
  • Fernanda Martinez Rodriguez (Art History and Religious Studies);
  • Ollie Schiefelbein (Political Science)
  • Danielle Schmitz (International Studies and Political Science);
  • Griffin Patrick Wray (History and Political Science); and
  • Ori Etzion (International Studies and Political Science).

The MES Certificate program provides an in-depth training in a special area that may be particularly useful as students pursue careers in such fields as Academia, Law, Public History, Education, Business, and even Medicine, where they will practice their profession abroad or use their international experience to expand their understandings of these regions as they work with topics on or populations from diverse societies in the Middle East.

Congratulations to the graduates!