Ten Year Anniversary of Tunisia’s Revolution: Podcast Series

To commemorate the 10 year anniversary, CEMAT and CEMA are launching a special Maghrib in Past and Present | Podcasts series, “The Ten-Year Anniversary of Tunisia’s Revolution (January 14, 2021).” The series engages Tunisian politics at home, in the Maghrib, and the wider Global South, in both the contemporary period but also in the longue durée, and through the lens of scholarly and cultural production.

The first three podcasts of our year-long program about the Tunisian Revolution are launched on January 14th.  The first is a conversation with Nadia Khiari, political cartoonist and creator of Willis from Tunis, on freedom of expression. The second, co-organized with the Tunis Office of Columbia Global Centers, is a discussion between Professors Lisa Anderson and Tarek Kahlaoui on the weight and limits of history in framing contemporary Tunisian politics. Finally, the third is a lecture by Dr. Idriss Jebari on memory, remembering and mourning in the Maghrib since the Tunisian Revolution, focusing on the history of Tunisia’s left.

Episode 101: “Willis from Tunis, 10 ans et toujours vivant!” – Entretien avec Nadia Khiari
Listen here : https://www.themaghribpodcast.com/2021/01/willis-from-tunis-10-ans-et-toujours.html

Episode 102: Conversation with Lisa Anderson and Tarek Kahlaoui: Reflections on Tunisia’s State Building History and Contemporary Democratization Experience
Listen here: https://www.themaghribpodcast.com/2021/01/conversation-with-lisa-anderson-and.html

Episode 103: Memoirs, Memory, and the History of the Tunisian Left
Listen here: https://www.themaghribpodcast.com/2021/01/memoirs-memory-and-history-of-tunisian.html