Take a journey across the world at the RAKFAF Outdoor Film Screening Series

RAKFAF Outdoor Film Screenings This Weekend

Join us at Al Jazirah Al Harma Heritage Village this weekend for four international features screened across two days at the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival. Take a journey across the world with films from the UAE, France, and South Korea exploring themes such as coming-of-age, family, and migration.

This event is free and unticked. Seating is limited and first-come, first-served. Check out the film schedule below.

Film Schedule 

Sea Shadow
Friday, Feb 11 @ 7pm 

Director: Nawaf Al-Janahi
Language: Arabic w/ English subs
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 78 minutes

Set in a small seaside neighborhood in the United Arab Emirates, Sea Shadow follows teenagers Mansoor and Kaltham as they struggle with tradition and convention in their journey towards adulthood. Bound by family and deeply-rooted values, the pair must find the courage to forge their own paths.

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Africa Mia
Friday, Feb 11 @ 9pm

Directors: Richard Minier,  Édouard Salier
Language: French w/ English subs
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 81 minutes

Africa Mia is a journey in search of the soul of Afro-Cuban music. From the communist friendships of the Cold War to today, from Havana to Bamako, we follow in the footsteps of ten young Malian musicians in musical training in Cuba, who became a founding group of world music: the legendary Maravillas of Mali. Fifty years later, this forgotten group is resurrected thanks to Maestro Boncana Maïga, its historical conductor.

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Little Forest
Saturday, Feb 12 @ 7pm

Directors: Yim Soon-rye
Language: Korean w/ English subs
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 103 minutes

A young woman returns to her rural childhood home, and with it, a life of farming and homemade meals. But with the passing of seasons, she finds that not all the answers can be found in the countryside.

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Green Boys
Saturday, Feb 12 @ 9pm

Directors: Ariane Doublet
Language: French w/ English subs
Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 71 minutes

Green Boys could be a “Little Prince” of the millennium of exile. Alhassane, 17 years old, left Guinea and arrived alone in France after an arduous journey. Welcomed in a village in Normandy, he meets Louka, 13 years old. Between the two boys, a friendship is born and is invented day after day. What separates them binds them as much as what unites them. During the summer, they build a hut on the cliff overlooking the sea. As an area of freedom, it will be a secret place of childhood and the refuge of wounds.