MES Student Olivia Ligman wins scholarship!

Exciting news from one of our Middle East Studies certificate students! Olivia Ligman has been awarded the Richard Ralph Winter Phoenix Rising Humanitarian Scholarship of $5000 for the 2023-2024 academic year. Olivia is a student pursuing degrees in African Cultural Studies, International Studies, and certificates in Social Justice, East Central Europe, Global Cultural Language Education and Middle East Studies. In establishing this scholarship the donor hopes to “Encourage excellence and commitment in the application of humanitarian ideals” and “affirm the moral obligation to provide for human welfare.” This year’s applicant pool showcased the vibrant diversity of student commitment to betterment of local communities and the larger world. In Olivia, one sees the potential to impact the world through humanitarian action, in addition to the local community action currently more within her reach. The scholarship selection committee is confident that with Olivia’s globally focused education and organizational engagement, she will make a positive mark on humanity in her undergraduate and post-graduation endeavors.
The 2023 committee included: Professor of Philosophy, Harry Brighouse and Assistant Director of the Morgridge Center for Public Engagement, Dean Ladwig, Director of the Center of Religion and Global Citizenry and Professor of History and Religious Studies, Ulrich Rosenhagen, and Assistant Professor of History and American Indian Studies, Sasha Maria Suarez.
This scholarship is made available by the generosity of Charles Manthey Winter and the Richard Ralph Winter Rising Phoenix Humanitarian Scholarship.