Jews and Politics: America, Europe, Israel (July 19-22, 2021)

The Greenfield Summer Institute showcases the research of UW–Madison faculty and acclaimed Jewish studies scholars from around the country. Each year the Institute’s lectures center around a theme, and this year’s theme is Jews and Politics.

The year 2020 witnessed great social unrest, a sharply politicized pandemic, and a contentious U.S. presidential election. In early 2021, a new administration set a dramatically different course for America, while Israel prepared for another national election—its fourth in two years. Throughout these changes, Jews and issues of Jewish concern have been highly visible. To help us make sense of these developments, Greenfield 2021 will focus on the political history of Jews in America, Israel, and Europe. What role have Jews played in modern politics? Is there a distinctly Jewish political identity? How do Jewish politics vary across time and place? Join us in exploring these and similar questions with distinguished scholars from across fields.

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This event is hosted by the Center for Jewish Studies, UW-Madison, and is not sponsored by the Middle East Studies Program.