Become a Student Ambassador!

The MESP is thrilled to recruit students interested in becoming Student Ambassadors for the Middle East. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to share the mission of the MESP and promote Middle Eastern languages, cultures, history and geopolitical issues, and to encourage cross-cultural understanding with and among the diverse communities and groups of the region.

If you are pursuing Middle East studies in any field or have lived in the Middle East, and have pertinent knowledge about the wider region, you can join our team of Student Ambassadors for the Middle East. You will be working closely with the MESP director and the outreach coordinator at IRIS (Institute for Regional and International Studies) to represent the ME in venues on campus and beyond, such as elementary, middle and high schools in Madison, as well as local and community organizations. By becoming a Middle East ambassador, you will gain public-speaking and communication skills to prepare you for future careers in education, public policies, international relations, NGOs, businesses, and much more. You will also meet once a month with your peer Ambassadors to share your experiences, ideas and material to help each other with your mission.

Read more about a student ambassador’s experience: Middle East Student Ambassador Represents Palestine in Kennedy School’s International Night

If you are interested in pursuing this opportunity, please contact professor Nevine El Nossery, director of the MESP at